12 November 2009


i had an entire post written on the inside of my head, where all of my words are capitalized and perfectly punctuated and you wouldn't be able to find an ellipses if you tried all day plus bribed me with two bags of sour patch kids.

because, after two bags? tastebuds start exploding. trust.

ugh. you know i can't keep secrets. i store my ellipses in a little baby food jar on a shelf in the coat closet near the back labeled lazy. right next to the old mayo jar containing lapses in judgement and common sense. labeled shite mom.

i was planning on telling you of an event i attended last night with a friend who gave me more than an entry ticket. her words were nothing i can repeat...not because they were full of swears. she's quite the lady...but because they were really nothing at all.

except everything, all.

she tossed them to me over her shoulder so throwaway that i was shocked at how i caught them and clutched them and looked around to make sure no one saw me stealing them and took them home and arranged them artfully in the formal living room just to the left when you open the front door of me. i'd always hated that room, but now it was perfection.

i. am. back. to. me.

this is a most excellent development. because i enjoy the heck out of me.

anyway. i floated home last night, and started to tell uncle sugar my news. but then i looked at esmé's chin. it looked not like it was healing. so i wondered out loud i wonder if she needs stitches?

and uncle sugar looked up from his crossword and said in his most matter-of-fact you-horrible-gauger-of-necessary-stitchery voice...of course she does.


mémé and i were in the emergency room until after one in the morning. five stitches and one petite faint later...oh, let's call it a swoon, shall we?...i probably will have to empty another big jar of something to hold my shite mom moments from just yesterday alone.

but don't feel too badly for me. didn't i tell you i was back? sorry. i've been whispering it to myself all day.

sparkle as a result of spending way too much time on i, bejeweled. from the rocks and minerals collection by jacquie aiche.


Krissy said...

welcome back my dear! I sure do hope that chinny-chin-chin feels better soon :)

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh bless!

But thanks for the jewels!

Kelly said...

oh, karey. you are the very farthest thing from a shite mother that i can imagine. and i have a big imagination. send esmé our wishes to heal up her chin fast as lightning.


Brandi said...

poor thing -- you really had a busy night. i think i would have nearly fainted too.
the way you write always stirs the dreamer inside of me. thank you.

emily b. said...

aren't old mayo jars the best? i also like really really old glass baby bottles. they are perfect for holding things like regrets. and promises :) xo

A-M said...

My shite Mum moment last night was when I served up only salmon sushi (no tuna as well). I was in a hurry as soccer practice was closing in on us. Big one said" is this all" and then put his hand over his mouth when he realised he'd broken my heart. A-M xx

Simply Mel said...

I believe you should replace the label on the mayo jar with 'shining star mom' because your love for your three itsy charms shines brighter than any star in the sky. Thanking my lucky stars to read your words daily.

agirl said...

I just wanted to come out of the nevercommentedbefore closet to say that if being a shite mom means being like you, then please to goodness let me also be in that category one day.

And (it almost goes without saying), I love your blog.

la la Lovely said...

Oh stiches. They are no fun. We had them too, while getting ready for picture day. I like that you keep the shite mom in a jar because then it is put up. it's not for all the time and it is really just full of our own feelings and not always truth. We all have the jar, if we are honest that is.

kathleen said...

so happy to read this. especially that they could still do the stiches (david always says that after x amount of hours it's a lost cause...which he said again after he came back from a trip and a chunk of of sophie's neck was missing due to a grooming mishap. oops.)

i'm guessing...christine? it sounds (and looks) very christine.

but bottom line: i am very happy for you.

and i took your advice for tomorrow. assuming the fancy ok's it. you'll see why he had to have approval. even if he denies.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh...I am so happy you are back to you. What an amazing feeling that is, I know it well. It is only the best thing ever. You are most definitely NOT a shite mom, you only feel that way because being a good mom matters so much to you. I know because I constantly accuse myself of the very same shite.
I am so sorry for your harrowing night with stiches. Esme is going to have a petite and cool scar that will serve her well later on in life! :) It will just add to her adorable mystique~ :)

Brandie said...

You're not going to convince any of us that you're a shite mom. We all know how very very blessed your girlies are to have you as their mother.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh, and what have you done to me? Telling me about i, bejeweled? Now I am sunk....:)

Sarah said...

oh don't be silly. you never really left. maybe the you you're speaking of was just hiding? or perhaps napping?

because all these times...you're words never failed me.


glad that glitter girl of yours is just fine. and that little scar? 26 years later she'll remember it fondly...i speak from experience.

krista said...

where did you find yourself? i've been looking but can't seem to find me anywhere. granted, i've only been to the dollar store lately.

oh, and i'll take creepiest. i mean, someone's got to. :-)

A-M said...

Your comment on my bloggstar today brought a little tears to my eye. Speaking of losing oneself, I am in the process of finding me I think for the first time and your words of encouragement today?... they lifted me so high, I still haven't fallen back. Imaginary friends?... ba humbug... doesn't get any better than this. A-M xx

mrs. darling said...

i treasure your words like you do the words of your friend. i find myself wandering back here off and on throughout the day, re-reading and dreaming. your words smell like lavendar and starlight in the summer. thank you for sharing them with us.

The Lil Bee said...

Oh no! I hope that little meme feels better...and you, too! Two quivering chins, one with stitches...doesn't seem like a fun way to spend an evening:(

Mrs.French said...

oh no..bad friend! i am a bad friend, i can't believe i missed this. poor esmé and her sweet little chin and poor momma too.

when i was small i had many a stitch and now many a tiny scar. i have to say those little scars are my favorite parts. xo t