16 November 2009

just look at the pictures this time. really.

i'm having a moment over here.

and all i want to do is drink my triple-shot as i watch two crows battle it out for the pancakes uncle sugar left for them last night on our deck. the ones the girlies three and i couldn't eat. mostly because we'd already eaten his french toast and bacon. that boy loves to breakfast on the weekends.

funny thing, though. he gets so perturbed when we can't muster up the appetites of unfathomably obese homeless men to even make a dent in his feasts. he'll stand there, waving a spatula and muttering why do i even bother to cook? why? no one cares. no one appreciates it...

oh, stop whining, lady.

no i did not say that! grae did. are you giggling, too? and, by the way, uncle sugar...the crows care. thank god there are two of them. one for sorrow, two for joy. yes, i count crows. tell me you're not surprised.

now. back to my moment. since i've already bored you to tears with my rambling nonsense, i'll be quick about this:

i ask lillie and grae and that lazy little mézie to do their chores. they respond with some form of no.

i don't know what to do. this causes me heaps of sorrow and absolutely no joy. please don't suggest taking away privileges. they have none. their toys haven't arrived. ipods are en route, too. and ever since esmé added water to their computer to make it grow, there's been no club penguin. we're mostly outside, ripping around and overturning rocks and hunting for frogs.

i should tell you that their chores are eventually chored. it's just that there's lots of loud and empty threats prior to this. and lots of loud nos, too. {who says no? really. who says no? i tend to stay away from people like that, don't you? man...i don't want them to become people like that...}

i talked to my mom about it, and she didn't seem concerned. i don't remember you doing any chores, she sweetly reminded me. that still makes me smile.

but uncle sugar recalls chores. he also recalls never responding with some form of no. loud or otherwise. on the off chance he ever responded with an i'll get to it later? he definitely recalls a spatula. or a number of any other handy weapons.

i honestly don't know what to do besides worry. i do have a tendency to worry. fast forward to teenagers and vans and crackheads worry. i should stop that. be more proactive. maybe be more positive...

ok. ummm. at least i know they're good at saying no?

ugh. i think maybe i just needed to have a moment with my triple-shot and my crows and now one cardinal and you. thanks for listening. i also have a tendency to shop when i worry. these are my newest obsessions from the intermix sale. who knew a puffy coat could be so sexy?


Helen said...

You're fun to read. Even and especially when you worry.

There are two Irish men cutting down a tree in my {rented} backyard. This is causing me a lot of grief. Not because the chainsaw is loud. Or because the men are handsome and I am spoken for. But because I really love{d} that tree. It's getting knobbier and knobbier as the morning progresses. I will miss it so.

Brandi said...

It's true, saying no can be a good thing, especially later in life. I have no advice on how to get them to do chores. I was one of those mysterious children who kept her room tidy and clean without every being asked to do so. I was also the one making up the chore chart in the house, which no one but me followed. Sometimes I wonder if I was beamed onto the planet. But your breakfast sounds heavenly. I too am a french toast girl and had several slices of it, covered in delicious maple syrup yesterday. Quite heavenly.

Anonymous said...

That puffy coat is great. And when you live in a climate that requires a puffy coat it may as well be a great one. Me? I wish we could be out of a climate needing a puffy coat but here we stay.

Your girls saying no makes me feel better about mine saying no. I don't know what to do at that age though. We do timeouts but they are little girls still.

(not surprised about counting the crows)

Krissy said...

oh boy, i remember my form of no, even though it never worked... "you only had children so we could be your slaves" yeah, how nice was I? somehow I still ended up doing that slave labor!

kathleen said...

i think i need that bracelet. but i can't. it's too you. it really is perfect.

Sherry said...

oh, i want the bracelet. now i will be glued to this computer for even longer since i will have to go view the shiny jewelry. we had the chore conversation this weekend..my husband has a complete warped memory of how many chores he did as a child and i had to have his mother set him straight. my only suggestion..give them a choice of chores to do..they will pick one so they can feel in charge. one is better than none. it's hard..i've entred the world of teenagers..the no's get louder.

Joslyn said...

my girlies are oh so good at saying "no" too. hopefully it will make for some "safe" high school years, no?


Fiona said...

i can simply by suggest things that got me and my 2 sisters doing chores, and still does. the list. oh how my mother likes lists. She'd have a day of jobs to do, on a list, we then had to put our names by 3 jobs, it actually got us eager to do jobs, just so we wouldn't be stuck with the rubbish ones, and they'd be a shopping trip,swimming trip or the like at the end of a day of chores to look forward to once we were done!
good luck.
bar that we were sent to our room till we learnt some respect and said sorry for being so rude as to shout no at our mum. but thats english discipline for you!

Simply Mel said...

Even as much as I tried to not use the word NO with the crumb, she picked it up after hearing her papa repeat it constantly to our puglet - no no! So now it goes like so.... no no, shhhh, no no bark!

mrs. darling said...

i have a friend who is awful at saying now. and while i adore her, she can be sort of a doormat.

i was a pro at saying no when growing up. loved that word to death (despite the spankings it earned me). this summer i was robbed at gunpoint and i did not hesitate in screaming no (and a few other colorful words) in his face. not sure what my point is other than girlies who are fond of no are no doormats and they tend to be very brave.

(i love that puffy coat, too.)

mrs. darling said...

oops, i meant my friend is awful at saying NO.

Sarah said...

sexy belt.

'nuff said.

Richie Designs said...

I think the belt is for Uncle Sugar, as in K wearing it for Uncle Sugar with not much else. cowboys and indians.

that makes me sound very naughty and normally I'm not but I couldn't resist.

The cows make for large questions I might add. I have this vision that uncle sugar is a diplomat that you galavant around the globe for secret spy missions. 007 doesn't do cows. Hummm...now I have to come up with a new story about uncle sugar!

Richie Designs said...

ok just one more thing and it's not about your new costume.

I don't know why but I was just thinking that it might be a good thing. And I think it's what you wanted for them right? strong girlies ;)


Melissa de la Fuente said...

oooooh yes! I am giggling!...and please don't worry. They are magical, I am sure of it. They will be so very great at so many things....and no...will be a distant memory. I promise. Yeah, really....who knew a puffy coat could be so hot? And that bracelet...sweet.

Di Overton said...

We had to do chores as my Mum worked full time. She said the first one home had to dust and hoover. I was always last home and could never understand why my sister was always first home.

SGM said...

"Oh stop whining, lady."

I'm still giggling, and I am totally stealing that line.

Mrs.French said...

first, could i please come over for one of those big old breakfasts...i have a feeling i would laugh until my stomach hurt. second, if you figure out the secret to the never-ending-no please oh please share...xo t