19 November 2009

do these look blurry to you?

this morning did not begin well. at all.

i just sat here and looked at the above two sentences. italicized all and then at and then not and then debated whether to capitalize and bold and underscore and color the rest. blood red.

but in true lalala! can'tyouseemyfingerspluggingmyears? i'mnotlistening! fashion that you've probably come to expect from this space, let me just tell you about how this mini-morning ended.

they'd almost reached school, but grae stopped. handed lillie her backpack and binder and giant brown grocery bag that is holding exactly one orange and one turquoise sharpie. and then ran as fast as she could all the way back to me for a kiss and a hug.

as i always do, i gave her extra ones for lill.

and then that girl...my girl...ran back to her sister. in spite of all the drama that had gone down between them only minutes before, grae took back the grocery bag and set it on the ground. took back her backpack and binder and set those down, too.

and then she hugged lillie so tightly i thought my heart would break on the spot. and kissed her. in front of three other classmates.

as for lill. i was warmed by her chandelier smile all the way back to me.

those two remind me that it's all about the ending, isn't it? i think it is. the end matters. i need to remember that more often.

maybe...no matter where you find yourself and no matter how you ended up exactly there, it's not as hard as it may seem to get back where you need to be. and end well.

marc yankus cityscapes look even more stunning when you've tears puddling in your eyes. catch you later. and xoxo.


Anonymous said...

you are raising such lovely little people, it's so obvious after reading stories here. lucky girls to have such a good momma.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh god....those moments, the end, matter so very much. And this? Was EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning....are you reading my mind?

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much I needed this today. Thank you.

mrs. darling said...

my most favorite thing in all the world (other than mr. darling) is my sister. she is my world and my heart and everything hilarious all wrapped up in one person.

i'm so glad that lillie and grae understand that (and i really think they do).

thanks for reminding us this morning that the end is what matters. so very much needed to hear that today.

krista said...

i'm a mess.
this just left me puddled all over my keyboard.
your words always so that to me. italicized or not.

Brandi said...

I love moments where the world and the people in it do something unexpected. Your girls really are lovely and so impressive. Those last lines you wrote really resonate in me. It's easy to get off your path, not even be sure what it's supposed to be, but I think we do always end up back where we need to be and things work out.

Jill said...

I so look forward to the day when my girlies hug each other - and mean it! That's almost like punishment here... goodness forbid they even touch each other!

Heather said...

beautiful image

Richie Designs said...

lump in throat. beautiful

DeMo said...

that is so sweet. it's amazing how quickly the emotions of little kids can turn.

e. yang said...

that is precious. <3

Callie Grayson said...

What a sweet and perfect ending!!

Boy Crazy said...

agh...the image of your girls. I had sisters, four of them. I'm still waiting for that hug to end things right from one of them. Maybe I should put down my binder.

Anyway, I have three boys. There's some beautiful brother love happening over here, but your stories give me girl envy.

The Lil Bee said...

This just made my heart swell. God, I cannot wait for the time when little miss takes my face in her little hands and says, "I love you, Mommy." But right now is pretty exquisite, too. Little girls are just so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

can you please raise my future daughter? i want these stories too!
this is so sweet. sometimes it doesn't seem like there is an ending to my sister's and my disputes. all of the sudden we're just doing something else... if that makes sense. ha.