28 October 2009


i'm feeling rather icky creepy hoochie pageant mom this morning.

and all because of one compliment. one gorgeous sentence that began with she's gorgeous! and then probably included an ellipses, which i adore because i am lazy like that, and then ended with an implied warning, which i never adore because i am all karma superstitious like that.

something along the lines of becarefulsonothingbadhappenstoher.


something bad's going to happen to esmé because i showed you the profesh hairchop she needed to get at a cheap little cuttery as a result of the hairchop she gave herself with baby craft scissors while my girlies and i waited alongside a bunch of other clients who looked as though they were also there as a result of hairchops gone bad only to realize that they were finished with their profesh chops and just. waiting. to. pay. plus then a woman with greasy grey roots heard lillie's just-getting-over-a-tiny-cough cough, glared at her, and muttered stupid people. and then lillie turned white while grae giggled her head off. only to be repaid when said greasewipe turned on her. coughed in her face. like, bad-overacting cough. mouth-in-a-leetle-o cough. curled-tongue-sticking-out cough.

which made us all gasp. but then giggle more.

i don't want bad things to happen. not to anyone. not coughy ladies or well-intentioned complimenters or especially not little girlies with awful hairchops. not for anything. especially not because i was trying to make you giggle, too.

i am carefulsothatnothingbadhappenstothem. i watch for pointy edges and my heart races all. the. time. i worry so much i wring my hands. i really do. which would make me a horrible poker player if i wasn't already so bad at keeping secrets. i've got three queens! i've got three queens!

i hope you know i'm not bragging about my girlies. it's just. i'm in awe that i have three littles living with me who...despite me...are growing sweetly. i can see it. little moments here and there. they care. they try. petite brawls, naughty scissor and spray-paint tricks, and no shortage of sharing issues aside, they are three good girls who will someday be three good women. and the world can't have enough of those, can she?

i guess i just like finding beauty. happy. shiny stuff of all sorts. i scour your sites for it, and then share it with kirtsy.

which pretty much means that i'm bragging about you, doesn't it?


i promise to be careful. sothatnothingbadhappenstoyou.

genius - albeit scary as heck - photography from susan anderson {found on need supply's blog}. which oddly makes me feel better about esmé's chop. and me as a mom.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

What? Why would anyone say such a thing? As if we mothers don't break our hearts worrying about them every second of the day and turn ourselves inside out trying to keep them safe and....please, don't beat yourself up Karey, and don't feel icky....I adore you my dear! (now, these photos on the other hand....I am so frickin frightened of...wow.)

Brandi said...

Photos - scary. You - awesome. I think it's important to look for the beauty in the world, no matter where you can find it. That's what makes this world so incredible. You can unexpectedly find it in the shape of a tree trunk or a child's laugh or the way a building lights when the sun hits it.

And thank you so much for sharing me with kirtsy. It was such a sweet compliment. And I love that I found your blog in return. It's always good to meet good people. One of the beautiful things about this world.

la la Lovely said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (I'm on baby #3 and he is due to arrive in this crazy world in about 3 weeks).
Oh, would never think you are bragging. Mom's like to hear about other Mom's lives and their children. There is something so refreshing and connecting in knowing other people are living life at the same spot and going through some of the same things. And as for me, I love seeing pictures of everyone's littles and hearing about their stories. Life should be shared!
Except these pageant pictures.. the are pure creepiness.. well really mostly they make me sad..
But your Esme's picture.. is like magic fairly goodness! What a sweetie with a sparkle in her eyes!
Happy Day xx

mary said...

Esme IS gorgeous. End of sentence.

These photos, however. Holy sh*t. The fake nails one is making me nauseous.


Relyn said...

Completely creepy pictures. And Esme is gorgeous. If I remember your very rare pictures correctly, she looks an awful lot like you.

Natalie said...

Esme IS gorgeous and you are not bragging at all! Just sharing your joy with the world. :)

Those pictures? Really. creepy.

But they do make a statement of some sort, don't they?

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Sweet Karey...we know and understand the intent of your precious posts. There are just some moments that MUST be shared and we love that you do! {{hugs}} to you friend and those darlin' girlies of yours. xxoo

krista said...

it's so sad to think that we aren't allowed to marvel at our daughter's beauty without seeming as though we are somehow contributing to their downfall. such a fine line we walk: not putting too much importance on how they look while still providing them with the idea that we think they are the most beautiful thing in the world.
i think as long as we stay clear of putting acrylic nails on toddlers we're doing okay. no (ahem) judgment on those parents, of course.

krista said...

whoops. weird possessive i put on 'daughter' up there. as though esme is 'our' daughter. totally makes me sound creepy in an unintentional way. let's just pretend i wrote it properly the first time.

karey m. said...

no worries, krista...we can share her.


{kidding. totally. and i really just snorted. i probably shouldn't post this comment, should i?}

kathleen said...

only you could make such great and sweet points and weave them with some of the most freaky pictures out there. honestly. i don't know how you do it but i love your words!

you? well, you're ok.

krista said...

i love the way you cut our daughter's hair. thank you.
oh, and he knows about the blog but reads it randomly in chunks and never wants to leave comments. he sort of feels like it's 'my world' and wants me to keep my freedom in it.
every now and then he'll refer to it and it always surprises me.

Simply Mel said...

I hope you continue to post your GORGEOUS girls because they make the world a more beautiful place, and since they have you as a mother, this just puts it over-the-top with greatness!

These photos CREEP me out! Hello, Little Miss Sunshine!

Mrs.French said...

words like that are meant to haunt and make you feel icky no matter the intention...I am so sorry you had to hear them, it's not you, it's the icky word sayer...xo t

Kristin said...

That is a creepy thing to say -- why would someone say that?? And besides, your little girlies ARE gorgeous and they sound wonderful (even when you report on the not so great moments). You're doing a wonderful job, momma. And anyone who says otherwise and warns of bad things, be damned!

PS - I LOVE Esme's new haircut. It's ridiculous how cute she is. ;)