24 January 2011


i've a flood of mails in my box asking about alt design summit.

if i haven't replied yet - and i will. i totally will. - it was awesome. i feel like i learned a lot, connected and connected again with my friends, refilled my inspiration levels, and laughed so hard three times that i had to plug my nose.

not a pretty look.

mostly all of my friends wanted to know what she was like. and so, in a word, i'll tell you.


i don't get it. i can't explain it. but here's what i do know...

i didn't feel sorry for her. couldn't take my eyes off her. wanted to scooch my chair closer to her. could've listened to her all afternoon. kept trying to make her giggle, just to hear it again.

the night before, someone asked me if we'd ever met. no, i answered. is it sad to see her? because, i have to tell you, i have a pretty breakable heart and my eyes are always one drop away from puddles.

it's not sad at all, my friend assured me. she's beautiful.

she told me that when stephanie goes to the grocery, all the shops nearby clear out. it's the strangest, most inexplicable thing, but everyone's happy just to see her. the lucky ones get close enough to reach out one gentle finger and touch her.

i get that.

this is going to sound insane, but i feel it and so i'm just going to tell you.

i believe in pretty much everything. this is not as easy as it sounds, some days, and i find myself disappointed a lot of the time. so proof is a fine little surprise if and when it ever comes.

good to know i was right about angels.

i love a good mask, don't you? found by her first. the girl is genius at finding hot-cha-cha photography, isn't she?


Ana Degenaar said...

I can't wait to hear more! I am loving your blog and stories so much. Thanks for sharing!

Joslyn said...

she is magic isn't she!!??

and so are you.

i missed having coffee with you this morning.

Padgett Hoke said...

Hi! I was at your talk about the personal stories, and was so amazed and touched. I totally believe what you wrote about Stephanie - she was magical, but so were you and Marta... the three of you had this wonderful energy and magnetism that was felt by everyone in the room. Those that were ithere experienced something very special & I only wish more could have been there.

I am sorry to say that I hadn't heard of your fabulousness going on here on this site till the conference, but I most certainly would love to be part of your community!

Also - absolutely love the images :) !

Thank you!
Padgett Hoke

dee said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit. Just makes me want to know more about her. And wish, yet again, that I were at Alt. Next year...fingers crossed;)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I WILL go to alt. next year....I WILL. So, just go ahead and count me in. And I am not surprised to hear that about Stephanie, not at all. Though your words are just gorgeous, as usual darling. I am so incredibly inspired by her...magic, is a good way to put it. You are magic too my friend....indeed.

Rachel said...

oh wow. i'm so glad you wrote about Nienie! i actually heard about her and the accident from your post about it. and thought of you when she finally posted a picture on her website a year later. her smile. the fire didn't take her smile. and she looked so beautiful!

michelle hill said...

It was great meeting you....your hilarious... :) :)
xo xo

marta said...

oh karey. i think i love you. your newbie number one fan.

p.s. thanks for rockin' the slideshow. you are genius and so spot on about dear stephanie. what a doll she is.

keisha cory said...

what a lovely blog you have, im so glad Trina introduced me to you. I so enjoyed the times we chatted, and of course your session was very inspiring.

Hope we find each other at another Alt!

Caitlin said...

Emailed my mom the comment you left on my blog today and she started crying (tears of happiness of course).

It was a true pleasure meeting you in SLC last week. I will cherish every single talk we had - you inspired me and I really appreciate everything you said. I feel as though we began a friendship in those short few days and can't wait to continue to grow our friendship.

Let's definitely keep in touch.


Jill said...

loved seeing you in the photos on other sites ... looks like you had an amazing time!

and jealous that you met / sat next to stephanie. i've been an admirer for years. and you're right, she IS beautiful.

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

Oh stop (go on). You wrote the most beautiful post about me. But you left out the part that I was flustered and a bit unprepared. Thanks for doing everything! I adore you, my new friend!

Fern and Feather said...

she really was magic... and what was magical was watching her husband watch her talk during your panel. wow! that was L.O.V.E.